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You gotta have soul

What’s the difference between a good photograph and a truly great photograph? Is it light, composition, equipment, detail, contrast, subject or just technical know-how?  I believe it’s all of these elements working together in harmony and you need to be on your A game as a photographer.  There is however, one really import ingredient you need to have to make your photographs really stand out and that’s soul. The passion you feel for your subject, whether it be a landscape, architecture, wildlife, plants even your cousins wedding, is what will give your photo purpose. I love being a photographer, I love getting up early to capture the light, I love to travel and experience the world, I love capturing moments in time. Do all my photographs work? Of course not. But the images that do have one thing in common, a little soul.


Sean Heatley Photographer

Doing what you love everyday is pretty thrilling. I count myself very fortunate to be able to get up everyday and capture the essence of everyday life in images. Not necessarily my life, I’m often the voyeur, peaking in on others and world around me. Often quiet, sometimes loud, each assignment calls for a different approach. I picked up my first camera as a kid and never stopped taking photos. Life has taken me on many journey’s, some good, some not so good and some pretty challenging but my love for photography never faltered and has lead me into a career I love. How lucky am I?